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Video Creation Masterclass

Today, just making a video is not enough. YOU GOT TO MAKE IT GREAT!!! You don’t have to be a TECHIE or SUPER CREATIVE to make great videos. Learn the fundamental hacks before you say ACTION!!!

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Learn from the master

Drilling the Pre-Production to have it all sorted in the beginning.

Jump into the shoot like a pro with a Production that works wonders.

Finally stitch your videos together with finesse in the Post-Production

Agile course content.  Responsive.

Now learning is no longer boring. Take your classes anytime... anywhere. 

Start it on your desktop at home... continue it on your tab at work and finish it on yo mobile while you are on the move.

You will love the way the classes are.

Learning is practical and continuous.

You will give shape to your Magic Ideas.

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Shooting Interviews

When I talk about interviews, it is always as exciting as an art piece... it's about knowing another person, his thoughts and also its personal as one reveals a part of them to you...

My home is my studio

When I started on my journey, it was a corner in my room that used to be my studio. I used to operate out of a small computer... Do all my design, edit, and communication from it...

Non stop learning