Here is what you will learn from this workshops:

  • Make your LinkedIn profile top notch
  • Attract more connection
  • Amplify it with the power of videos

Workshop Fee per attendee:

INR 9,999/-

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Magically transform your LinkedIn Profile

Amplify it with the usage of powerful videos

Course Curriculum

Day 01 : LinkedIn Mastery
  • The ultimate cheat sheet - LinkedIn
  • Linkedin Profile Optimization - Start SSI
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Join In Profile Photo
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Headline
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - About Session
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Banner
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Twitter People who viewed
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Other Sections
Day 01 : Video Mastery
  • The fundamentals first - An Introduction
  • Why are you making this video?
  • What is your story?
  • What is your message?
  • What is your flow?
  • Who is going to watch your video?
  • How will the video be consumed?
  • The Master Document
Day 02 : LinkedIn Mastery
  • Content Strategy
Day 02 : Video Mastery - Sound
  • Understanding sound, gears and best practices
  • Dynamic Vs. Condenser mic
  • Lavaliere techniques
  • Input and monitoring levels
Day 03 : LinkedIn Mastery
  • Trending Hashtags
  • List of 100 trending Hashtags
Day 03 : Video Mastery - Lights
  • Lights - An introduction
  • Lighting people
  • Lighting in real life
Day 04 : LinkedIn Mastery
  • Create your content calendar
Day 04 : Video Mastery - Camera
  • Understanding Camera choice
  • Camera shots
  • Camera angles
Day 05 : LinkedIn Mastery
  • Create trending posts
Day 05 : Video Mastery
  • Start to create magic with OBS
  • Create more magic with OBS
  • Take it simple with Zoom
  • Create your magical profile video
LinkedIn Video Workshop ( LIVE )

A must do workshop to showcase your video and LinkedIn Mastery

Not like any other workshop, loaded with practical steps to take immediate action




Builds visibility

Amplifies connection

Building credibility

About Authors

Sagar Amlani : Harish Kumar

The duo of Sagar Amlani and Harish Kumar have been creating maximum value for all their students through detailed learning and practical tips. To know more about them individually visit,

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What Our Students Say


Actress, CSP 
One of World's most watched TEdX Speaker

Harish is one of the most creative and generous people I know. He's a master of visual presentation and very generous and skilled with helping others to use the skills and technology needed to make ones services and products stand out visually.

Vinay Puspakaran

Communication coach,
Sales strategist

Harish Kumar is a magician, when it comes to videos and visual imagery! He has mastered the art of creating a spectacle out of a simple video... If you are looking at exploring an out-de-box visual experience for your business, Harish is your man! 

CN Murthy

ICF Mumbai

Sagar as the guiding light, threw light on the power of the platform to really help me improve my visibility and build my connections...  A wonderful guide into gaining mastery in the area and a must have experience for all who want to be out there for themselves and for others!.

Harish Kumar | [email protected] | +919380504004