VIDEO de-mysti-fried

Sounds like a new dish in the menu that you haven't tasted. Indeed most videos and VFX that we encounter on a daily basis is either mysterious or its considered a hi-tech game beyond the reach and understanding of most people. 

Harish Kumar

Artist, Filmmaker and a Professional Speaker.

A late night conversation with Sagar Amlani, a LinkedIn expert led to this quick fun video...

Sagar had enrolled on the OUTdeBOX Academy's Masterclass with an objective to make his videos look better on LinkedIn. In fact he had first wanted to engage my production house, Hypnautyx to do all the post wok for his course and videos. However, had suggested that its best if he learns the craft himself and he can do wonders.

So last evening, I had my regular weekly meetup with my students on the platform and I was sharing some tips based on my experience of the live-stream that I had with the founder of Knorish a while ago. Most, were exited to know how I could have different looking imagery while going live as a guest in a stream.

The interaction continued and I showcased how simply one can do wow looks in OBS. Sagar, was excited like a kid and he wanted to crack the code then itself and he insisted that he understands it clear for him to execute. I wrapped up the session and soon he texted back for some clarification but I was into another session. I connected with him in a couple of hours and by then he had put to use most of the hacks we discussed. He wanted to cross the last mile and he made use of a PPT slide to make a video together.

With Sagar in action...

The video is a sense of fulfillment for me as I wanted to make video production as easy and simple as possible, yet not compromising on quality and aesthetic appeal. I remembered that, in our apprentice days it would take us years before we got a hold of the camera or make creative suggestions but now its a more open game. We all can make great videos with some simple understanding of the elements of Sound, Lights and how the camera behaves. Once, you know that you become a master and not a slave to the gadget.

Happy Creation...

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities

- TIm Fargo

Originally published June 28, 2020