Harish Kumar

Artist, filmmaker and a professional speaker


When I started on my journey, it was a corner in my room that used to be my studio. I used to operate out of a small computer... Did all my design, edit, and communication from it. It was work from home...

Home is where the heart is...

From their, the journey took me to set-up a production house, make large videos, films, music videos etc. Been largely outdoor, large crew, teams and enjoying all the action. However, the recent times, set a new challenge to get back to basics and skill up. Had not personally edited or designed for years as teams were managing it. Today, it feels like a complete cycle as I turned my home into a studio again and have been designing, making video courses and even videos for clients.

Like me, anyone can make their videos, release their own music online, become an influencer, and build all sorts of impact. A phone can let you capture content anywhere, anytime. What YouTube has done that it has democratized the DIY movement that has made stars out of everyone. These were once accessible to only those with money to spend on costly studios.

Professional quality studio equipment is now so compact, it can fit on your desk or your palm. Today, it's simple as long as you have space for a desk and a chair, you’re basically ready to roll out your home studio. If you are willing to push the boundaries a bit a learn a few hacks then the possibilities are infinite.

The following video is an example of what we did inside a small room with a piece of black and white cloth and having the singer and guitarist Sanjeev Thomas sing it a few times. The song went onto feature in the MTV coke studio season 1. 

Its all about constant adaptations and making the best of what you got.
Happy exploring...

Originally published on  June 10, 2019

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